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Welcome to PackageTech, your gift and product packaging ideas source. It is our objective to assist you in locating the appropriate company that will assist you in any and all of your packaging needs. The packaging industry is very diverse and complex. We want to serve as a
link between end users and the packaging professionals. We will attempt to assist you in locating the correct packaging expert for your product.

There are many companies in the packaging industry who specialize in specific areas. In order to be successful in marketing any product, you must be able to connect with the appropriate packaging professionals. They will enable you to experience an easy transition from your production line to the consumer shelf. They are experienced and recognize how important it is to market your product. They are aware of all the regulations and guidelines that are required.

We have categorized individual packaging components and services for you in hopes that it will save you valuable time. The information that originated on this website was acquired from each company's website. It is to give you an abbreviated summation of what that company has to offer. These summations do not include all the products or services these companies have available to you. We do not endorse or sell any of the products or services listed. The contents of this website is to assists those using the web as a source tool and meant to be used for information only.

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See real life retail store packaging choices and the reasons why they made the decisions to spend or not to spend extra on nice packaging.

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product's packaging requirements.
*Locate the company that offers the 
type of packaging products you need.
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to Packaging Design

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See real life retail store packaging choices and the reasons why they made the decisions to spend or not to spend extra on nice packaging.

PackageTech's goal is to make your search for individualized packaging quicker and more simplified. Being able to connect with the right packaging company is an important process in the success of marketing any product. The right packaging company will be able to give you advice and assist you step by step to insure an easy transition from your production line to the consumer shelf.

This is a multifaceted site. There is an abundance of products on the market in need of packaging. It is difficult to cover all aspects of the packaging industry. This website should give you a well rounded introduction in hopes that you will be able to meet your packaging needs. We add companies and making adjustments to this site often due to advances in technology in the packaging industry. 

There are so many codes and regulations relating to specific products. It is important to market a product with the advice and expertise of a professional packaging company. Fortunately, there are companies who specialize in different aspects of the packaging industry. 

For students considering the packaging industry, there are endless career possibilities. For manufacturers, there are vast numbers of companies that can handle both the packaging of your product and the delivery to retailers. Many packaging companies are specialized and many can handle your exact packaging needs from start to finish. They can design a specific package for your product if needed, or save you money but using stock packaging containers and handle the distribution as well.  Your product may require custom work and a lengthy process, or maybe a simple and quick packaging solution is all you need, but if you are in the hands of a professional, all will go well.

The packaging industry is continually making advances with state of the art equipment and highly trained personnel. Whether your needs are for thermoforming, printing, graphic design, cardboard boxes, shrink wrap, or a contract packaging service, we can assist you in finding the right company to handle your packaging solutions.

We are not endorsing any company or product. This website is to give you an idea of what these packaging professionals have to offer and to save time in your search on the web.

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